How to Configure Guest Portal Unifi

Guest portal unifi is a great way to provide free internet access for your guests. It creates a separate wireless network with a captive portal that requires authentication before users can use the internet. It also gives you the option to restrict data usage and track usage. It’s important to note that this doesn’t provide as much security and separation as a dedicated guest VLAN with firewall rules.

What is the IP address for UniFi portal?

In order to set up a unifi guest portal, you need to have Ubiquiti UniFi Controller software configured with a device site. Once that is complete, you can add the access point to the system, and configure Colligso Captive Portal to notify the Guest WiFi network in the UniFi Controller when a device connects. You can then select the appropriate Guest WiFi options and policies for the device.

After configuring your guest network settings, you can log in to the UniFi controller to verify that the Social Login is working as expected. Once you’re logged in, go to the Settings menu and select Wireless Networks. You can then create a new Wireless Network or edit an existing one to enable Social Login functionality. You will need to name the Network, select an External Portal Server, and specify the portal hostname and HTTPS redirection. You will also need to enable the Guest Portal, as well as any other guest account authentication and authorization controls.

Once you have completed the configuration, you can apply the guest control settings to the site by selecting the checkbox next to each setting. Then, select Save Configuration.