CBD Water Soluble

CBD is a powerful cannabinoid with antiepileptic and anxiolytic properties, potent neuroprotective qualities, and remarkable anti-inflamatory activity. It can also aid in the treatment of several types of cancer, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease, and many other health issues. However, CBD’s low water solubility and bioavailability are limiting its ability to be used in certain situations.

Is CBD oil safe or addictive?

To overcome this issue, the cbd water soluble family of products are created to dissolve quickly and evenly into liquid beverages. These formulas can be added to tea, coffee, kombucha, and other drinks, or can be dropped under the tongue for fast absorption.

Water soluble products are created through an emulsion process that utilizes specialized nanotechnology. This process breaks down the large droplet size of a CBD oil into smaller drops, and mixes those drops in with a water phase at a specific temperature, using a special type of surfactant known as an emulsifier. The emulsion is then homogenized to ensure that the drops are evenly dispersed.

The result is a product that is able to be absorbed into the body without the need for digestion, as would occur with oil-soluble CBD. This means that the cbd is able to be delivered faster and more efficiently, and can help with conditions like insomnia, anxiety, pain, and a variety of other symptoms. This form of cbd is also ideal for people with sensitive stomachs, and can be taken in liquid form to prevent nausea. In fact, it is the most effective way to take cbd for those with sensitive stomachs.