Corporate Headshots Phoenix

Whether you work in an office, run your own business or simply need a great head shot for LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites, a well-crafted professional portrait is essential. A recent, high-quality head shot can be the key to a strong first impression with potential clients, employers or other important contacts.

What makes a good headshot for work?

Most corporate head shots are traditional “head and shoulders” images that show the subject from the top of the head to the bottom of the torso. While some artistic creativity can be found in the choice of clothing, lighting and other details that go into a successful head shot, technical excellence is still a requirement for a worthy result. A good photographer will be able to help the subject find flattering poses, set up the lighting at a level that enhances their natural beauty and provide them with an image they can use for their personal branding and online professional presence. URL :

A good headshot will give the viewer a sense of who the person is, and will convey their personality, and the way they interact with other people. It will convey an attitude, energy or focus that can make the viewer feel confident in their decision to contact them for business.

A high-quality headshot should make the subject look professional, genuine and modern. It should also look like it was made by a person who cares about the quality of their work and who knows how to bring out the best in their subjects.