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The first EVs used were tiny two-seaters with limited range and slow speeds, but the rebirth of EVs has expanded to include light-duty electric automobiles, medium- and heavy-duty trucks (including battery electric buses used in transit applications), electric motorcycles, and even more advanced electric micromobility devices such as scooters and bikes. EVs are powered by batteries alone, or by a combination of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.

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EVs are also key to emission reduction goals in the transportation sector, which is the largest source of GHG emissions worldwide and accounts for 28 percent of US GHG emissions. Although fossil fuel companies can fight the shift to EVs, it takes a lot more effort and political will to repeal laws like the Clean Air Act and the Inflation Reduction Act than it does to pass new ones, such as the EPA’s recent carbon pollution standards.

That’s why a former paid-up petrolhead like Quentin Willson, who hosted the BBC’s Top Gear for a decade, says he’s now an “EV convert”. He believes that, given time and investment in charging stations, EVs will dominate the market. They’re already the most popular car type in California, which has strict emissions regulations and a growing network of chargers.