Taking LLQP Courses to Become a Life and Accident Insurance Advisor

If you are looking to become a life insurance agent, you must complete and pass LLQP courses. Then you must book provincial insurance licensing exams with your regulator to become a licensed advisor.

LLQP is an initiative to replace different provincial entry level qualifications for new life and accident and sickness insurance agents. It consists of four course modules. Each module contains an exam. The modules include:

Breaking Down Barriers: Overcoming Challenges in LLQP Training

The LLQP is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. [4] These objectives are designed to ensure that the candidate knows and understands the material needed for successful completion of the provincial insurance licensing exam. This knowledge and understanding is referred to as “ability.”

Achieving this ability requires the student to be able to recall and use information in an appropriate way. It also means that the student can apply what they have learned to new situations and problems.

During the consultation process for the LLQP, insurance regulators consulted with education professionals and industry stakeholders. The result was the LLQP Design Document.[5] The Design Document includes a matrix of the measurable objectives that must be included in each course.

Once you have successfully completed an LLQP course and passed its certification exams, your instructor will enter your exam results into CIPR (the national registry of individuals that confirms final examination results). Once this happens, you can then register with your provincial insurance regulator to write your provincial LLQP licensing exams. Then, you will be ready to begin your exciting career in the financial services industry!