How to Estimate Facebook Ads Cost

estimate facebook ad cost

Estimate Facebook ad cost is complex and it’s difficult to know how much your ad will cost ahead of time. However, by setting your budget well and focusing on targeting the right audiences and creating compelling ads, you can reduce your costs.

Your ad’s price depends on how many advertisers are competing for the same placement and what Facebook believes will be the most effective outcome. Essentially, it’s an auction that happens in a fraction of a second. Facebook decides who gets to display their ad on the feed based on a combination of factors, such as relevance, estimated action rates and what day of the week the ad is running.

Estimating Your Facebook Ad Cost: Tips and Tools

To help control your spending, you can set a daily and lifetime budget for a campaign and choose your bid strategy. Using the default bid will optimize your ad for reach and engagement, or you can choose manual bidding where you set your maximum bid and Facebook pays as much as possible within your budget to ensure they meet your objective.

You can also use a tool like Revealbot (try 14 days free) to automatically spend more on days with low CPM and less on days with high CPM, which will decrease your overall ad cost. To further lower your ad cost, make sure your campaigns are aligned with the funnel stage of your business. For example, awareness campaigns are suited for top-of-the-funnel objectives while consideration and conversion campaigns are better for middle-of-the-funnel goals.