Canopy For School Playgrounds

The primary goal of a canopy for school playgrounds is to protect students and staff from the elements. This means that the shade structure itself should be able to withstand environmental pressures such as UV radiation, wind, rain and extreme heat, and it should also be able to provide a protective environment for any playground equipment housed underneath it. This is especially important for schools with metal, hard plastic or wooden playground structures as these types of materials are highly susceptible to degradation from environmental factors such as rusting and cracking. With the right shade structure, these materials will be able to resist damage and degradation, extending their useful life and significantly reducing maintenance expenses.

Covered Play: Exploring the Role of Canopies in School Playgrounds

Canopies are available in several different forms to create the perfect space for a school playground, including freestanding solutions like our Spaceshade and attached options such as panels or blinds. They can be designed to match or contrast with existing playground designs, creating a seamless extension of outdoor spaces for additional teaching areas and weather-proof locations for break times or student activities.

A bespoke ORION Triple Barrel Vault Canopy was installed over the school bus drop zone at Catholic independent boarding and day school New Hall to create a sheltered outdoor social space for students, as well as a location for performance and recreation. The tensile membrane structure offers a safe and efficient environment for students to arrive at school after the school bus journey while protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays and keeping the surface of the play area cooler than its surrounding environment.