DISC Workshops for Your Team

DISC workshops are the perfect way for your team members to better understand each other, work more effectively together, reduce conflict and communicate more clearly. Whether your team is comprised of salespeople, customer service representatives, board members, management or leadership professionals, a DISC workshop will help them become more effective and improve the effectiveness of your business.

What is the DiSC assessment for team building?

Your participants will discover their own DISC style and how it impacts the way they work, relate to people and manage projects. Then, they will identify ways to adapt their style to better interact with people from different DISC styles. This workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging using a variety of activities, small group discussions and videos to deliver maximum impact. Link : cooperconsultinggroup.com

This DISC training will allow your leaders to increase their own self-awareness and understanding of other styles by reviewing the Everything DiSC Personality Profile Report which provides a detailed breakdown of their strengths, challenges and what makes them tick. It includes their motivations, priorities and ideal environments and provides valuable insights on how to better connect with others in a way that builds trust and avoids interpersonal conflict.

The best leaders know how to recognize their own DISC style and how it influences the way they manage people. They are able to adapt their leadership styles in a positive and productive manner to meet the needs of a diverse group of people. Having tools like the Everything DISC Personality Profile helps them build trust and loyalty with their teams by creating a healthy culture of inclusion, respect and collaboration.