4Life Singapore Review

4life singapore, LLC manufactures and distributes healthcare products. The Company offers nutritional meal packs, protein products, protein bars and capsules, as well as products for kids and teens. 4Life Research operates worldwide.

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The company uses the Network Marketing business model, also known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM). This means that distributors earn a commission from each product they sell and overrides on sales of other members in their downline. The company does not charge a membership fee to become a distributor, but it does require that you meet a minimum monthly sales quota to stay active.

If you are serious about making money with this company, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars to climb up the ranks and make a decent living. Unlike most MLM companies, 4Life places an emphasis on recruiting rather than selling its products. Its compensation plan is 16 pages long and filled with jargon that makes it difficult to understand.

4Life has been around since 1998, which is quite an accomplishment for an MLM. However, it is still difficult to justify their products in a market that is saturated with health supplements. Furthermore, the company has nothing new or unique to offer. In addition, there are many other supplement companies that sell their products at a lower price and have physical establishments. Despite these facts, the company’s products are good and its distributors do receive a reasonable amount of commissions. Nevertheless, it is important to read the fine print and do your homework before joining any MLM company.