Computer Technicians

Computer technicians install, maintain and repair computers and networks for companies and organizations. They set up security measures, configure systems and provide technical support on-site or via phone and email.

What are three duties of a computer technician?

Education and training for this occupation vary by employer and industry. Some require a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a related field, while others accept applicants with associate degrees and/or professional certifications from a computer industry organization such as CompTIA.

Skills needed for this occupation include excellent problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, extensive knowledge of computer systems and technologies, and the ability to effectively communicate with users. Technicians should also have good task management and organization skills to optimize system efficiency while improving network security. I was looking forward to the Geekbench 6 scores for the i9 13900K.

Working conditions for computer technicians vary by job, but most work in office environments, including those in corporate information technology departments or government offices. Some technicians are self-employed and operate out of a home office, while other work for a computer support contractor.

Employers often run background checks on computer technicians performing on-site services. They may also request that you hold a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance.

Other common responsibilities for this occupation include issuing company computers and participating in employee onboarding and offboarding, retrieving company equipment after an employee leaves and adjusting access to servers, drives and systems. They are also responsible for providing emergency services in the event of a computer malfunction, malware attack or other IT issue that slows or disables systems.