Opticks Proxy Detection Software Detects Fraudulent Proxies

proxy detection software

proxy detection software  or hardware connections that sit between your network and the internet. They filter, screen, and redirect traffic on your network. They can also be used to provide additional security to your computer or protect against online threats like malware and spam.

Fraudsters use proxies to mask their true IP addresses. This allows them to bypass checks that prevent a fraudster’s IP address from continuing to make fraudulent purchases, card testing, and other activities.

Proxy detection tools detect a proxy’s IP location by comparing its time zone to the shipping address, billing address, and common bank transactions that a fraudster would use to complete their purchase. By identifying these patterns, verification services can then weigh a fraudster’s true IP address against their location to determine whether a purchase is valid or fraudulent.

Transparent proxies can change the user’s IP, modify traffic based on certain rules, or block access to content based on a variety of different criteria. They are often used in conjunction with a content delivery network (CDN).

The Importance of Choosing the Right Proxy Detection Software for Your Business Needs

Elite proxies offer high anonymity and are rarely detected by fraudsters. They can even be used to bypass location rules on ad campaigns.

Identifying proxies is a complex and tedious task that takes time, resources, and human expertise. That’s why many organizations use proxy blacklists and tracking scripts to mitigate fraudulent proxy traffic.

Opticks’ proxy detection system leverages multiple internal and external sources to construct a large, trusted proxy database that is updated daily. This helps our customers ensure their campaigns are protected from malicious proxies while providing valuable insights into marketing analytics.