Boric Acid on Vagina

boric acid on vagina

Boric acid on vagina is an antibacterial substance that can be used on vaginal infections. It has been used for over a century to treat vaginal problems. However, it can also cause some side effects. These effects include a burning sensation, watery discharge, itching, swelling of the lips, tongue, and vagina, and difficulty breathing.

Before using boric acid, a person should consult with a healthcare professional. Pregnant women and people with HIV should not use boric acid, as it can be toxic. If a woman has a vaginal infection, she should seek medical attention immediately.

Boric acid can be used to treat yeast infections. It works by replenishing the vaginal flora and maintaining the pH of the vagina. In addition, it helps to prevent the growth of fungi in the vagina.

It is generally safe for most women to take boric acid. However, it should be used as a secondary treatment in cases where the other treatments do not work.

What You Need to Know About Boric Acid Suppositories for Vaginal Health

It is also effective in treating vaginal yeast infections. During the first few days, the boric acid will help to reduce the symptoms of the infection. It will then clear the infection within a week or two.

Boric acid is available in either powder or crystal form. The powder is generally inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter. Alternatively, it can be taken as capsules. A typical dose is one capsule placed once or twice a day for seven to fourteen days.