Heavy Duty Wheel Casters

Heavy duty wheel casters are used in many industries. They are often used in factories, warehouses, assembly lines, and manufacturing plants. Some casters are even used in the aircraft industry. In any case, heavy duty casters are very useful in transporting and moving heavy materials. The load bearing capacity of heavy duty casters is a lot higher than standard wheels.

What are the different types of wheel weights?

Casters can be made from a variety of materials. For example, the polyurethane type is known for its high load bearing capacity, good toughness, and shock resistance. This type is also oil resistant and anti-fouling.

Other heavy equipment casters include nylon, cast iron, and ductile steel. Each caster is rated according to its weight capacity. You should first estimate the total weight of the materials you are carrying before purchasing a caster. If you are moving a heavy piece of machinery, a wheel with a larger weight rating is ideal. However, if you are trying to carry a light object, a wheel with a smaller weight rating is better.

Casters can be mounted on a variety of different equipments, including shelves, work stands, pallet jacks, and carts. There are a number of casters available, so you should be able to find the one that is right for your needs.

Extra heavy duty casters are manufactured with the same quality as regular casters, but with technology designed to absorb extra force. These casters are particularly useful for warehouses that have heavy packages or consignments to move.