The Train Slots Game

The train slots game is a great choice for players who enjoy a classic theme. Its 3 reels, golden train symbol, and special ticket icons celebrate all things locomotive. These symbols aren’t as cutting-edge as those in more modern slots, but they add colour and a unique thematic twist to the game.

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The symbols in Money Train revolve around the theme of the Wild West. The least valuable symbols are the playing card suits. If you get five of them, you can win up to three times your original bet. The club, heart, and ace also pay out at four and five times the original bet. Similarly, a female robber pays eight times your original bet when you get five of the same symbols.

Additional train slots were added in the 13 Oct 2011 update. The next two updates completely rebalanced the game’s slot extensions, introduced new local slots, and added six new train slots. The last update, on 9 April 2018, added six more trains. The game is available on Android tablet devices and iPhones.

Those with a limited budget may want to try Money Train. This game is very high-risk, and will require a high budget. However, it is still a great choice for players who are comfortable with risk.