Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Dealerships


Buy here pay here used car dealerships are often smaller, privately owned dealerships that offer affordable financing for used cars. They often have small corner lots and will advertise that you can get a vehicle for as little as $2,000 down. Although they may not be the exact vehicle you want, you’ll have a much easier time buying a car with this type of financing.

Offer A Low Interest Rate If You’re Willing To Pay In Full Within A Few Months

If you have poor credit or no credit, you shouldn’t try to purchase a car at a buy here pay here dealership. It’s better to work on improving your credit score. A credit score of 600 or higher will usually help you qualify for a decent interest rate. Purchasing a vehicle from a buy here pay here dealership is a last resort if you have no other options. Be careful, though. Paying the car off in full and on time can improve your credit score.

When shopping for a used car, you can expect the dealership staff to explain the financing process. They’ll explain what kinds of vehicles you can afford, as well as what kinds of loan options you can take out to finance your new vehicle. You can also expect that your finance agent will be able to negotiate a payment plan with the bank to ensure that you can afford the car.

In some cases, a buy here pay here used car dealership may require a large down payment and require payments to be made weekly or bi-weekly. Depending on your situation, a buy here pay here used car dealership may offer a low interest rate if you’re willing to pay in full within a few months.